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The ATD Central Florida Chapter is led by a dedicated group of volunteers who generously offer their time, expertise and passion to make the chapter the vibrant professional development resource it is today.  The benefits of volunteerism are clear:

  • Develop your leadership skills
  • Position yourself on the leading edge of workplace learning and performance
  • Partner with professional peers with a broad variety of experiences
  • Build enriching, rewarding relationships
  • Support the advancement of the Workplace Learning and Performance (WLP) profession in Central Florida

As well, active leadership in ATDCFL makes a strong statement on your professional resume!

The Executive Board takes a unique approach to recruiting volunteer support for the chapter.  Volunteerism is less about what the chapter needs, and more about what the volunteer’s needs are.  We encourage all volunteers to identify and pursue their passion through their role.  Find what interests you, what excites you, and chance are, it’s what you will be excellent at, and enjoy doing!

To aid you in identifying where your unique talents fit best, the numerous potential areas for volunteering are listed below.  If you don’t find a focus area that leverages your skills, you are encouraged to contact the Chapter President to further discuss how your knowledge and abilities may benefit the chapter and the profession in Central Florida.

If you have a passion for, or would like to develop your skills in the area of:

You are encouraged to volunteer in the focus area of:

Please contact:

Professional Event Planning and Management
Identifying program locations, facilitators, menus and logistics; managing program registrations, greeting program attendees, and processing registration fees


VP Professional Development

Measurement and Evaluation
Surveying members to determine needs, collecting feedback, and supporting Executive Board decision-making with data; developing and using instruments for measuring ROI. Design events and initiatives to support ongoing professional development.



VP Professional Development

Website and Publication Development
Writing articles, collecting submissions, and performing layout production for the quarterly newsletter; creating content, collecting submissions, and managing website layout and content accuracy


VP Communication
Special Interest Groups

Oversees all Special Interest Group activities to ensure alignment with chapter mission and goals.


Special Interest Groups

VP Professional Development

Database Management
Collecting membership information, organizing database content, ensuring membership information is accurate and reconciled

Member Database

VP Member Services

Member Recruitment, Education and Incentives
Developing and executing strategies to attract and retain chapter membership; providing orientation and education to new chapter members; managing the incentive program designed to reward desired behaviors, including the annual end of year prize auction

Student Services
Incentive Program

VP Engagement

Developing and executing marketing strategies to maximize internal and external exposure of chapter professional development activity; writing and managing periodic electronic marketing communications; reconciling electronic communication database to member database; measuring marketing campaign effectiveness; Internet and alternative marketing strategies



Financial Planning
Supporting the management of chapter finances, including budgeting, profit and loss reconciliation, and expense tracking; procuring resources for financial auditing; ensuring compliance with association guidelines and applicable laws

Financial Planning

VP Finance


Constantly striving to INFORM. INVOLVE. INSPIRE. all Workplace Learning and Performance professionals around the world.

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